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Saturday, December 12, 2015
4 pm to 7 pm
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The Hypno Gastric Band - Weight Loss System: Although one part of you wants to change, there is another part of you which resists that change. We as human beings do not like to come out of our comfort zone. We want a positive result, yet we focus our minds on the negativity. It is obvious then that our results will also be negative. This happens when we focus too much on the "do not want" kind of stuff rather than "what we do want". The bottom-line of the story is "when you focus more precisly and more passionately on what we want, it is so obvious that we will definitely attain positive results. I started off with my weight being 70 Kg.
Today I weigh 55 Kg. My goal is to be 54 Kg soon. While going through my weight reduction programme, I have managed to achieve more stamina, more power, more positive energy and more contagious enthusiasm. In the gym, initially I had anxiety and the fear of entering a group exercise class. To tackle that I went through a few sessions of hypnotherapy with my personal hypnotherapist, M.R. Hussain. I had so many emotional problems, due to my self-limiting beliefs arising from my childhood sexual abuse, being bullied in school and treated unfairly by teachers. Now I focussed more on the type of body I wanted: Healthy, disease-free, flat tummy, narrow waistline. And guess what? That is exactly what I attracted. I pushed Hussain to give me priority with the hypnotherapy sessions, to move faster. He did a fantastic job helping me to find the root cause of all my self-limitng beleifs, which were holding me back. He put his heart, his mind, his soul and worked so dedicately to help me, with my weight management and also "heal" my life.
The last hypnotherapy session I had was just awesome. He pumped me with so much of positivity in the form of Positive Affirmations, changing my perspective of my past from negative to positive. Then the next time I walked into the gym, I was all psyched up, so positive, daring, bold, brave enough to enter the group exercise class at my gym. Also to run on the treadmill without any discomfort at all.
Lady - Indian National
Corporate Executive, Dubai U.A.E. 
"I attended the Hypno Human Mind Model workshop, as a one-on-one session: Really helpful and insightful."
Sandeep Gomes
Emirates Bank, Dubai U.A.E. 
"Since after my daughter, Anne Joshy, had her coaching at Orators' Forum, I have to proudly say that she has become more confident in taking more and more responsibilies. Now, she is House Captain of her school, The Indian High School in Dubai. Thanks a lot for all the sincere efforts of Safiya and Hussain for grooming my daughter to this extent."
John Joshy
CONMIX, Sharjah U.A.E. 
"I was personaly and professionally inspired by the programme. The session offered essential inputs that are often the lost or missing  foundation pieces that help to drive personal and organizational success. You have delivered the workshop with passion, energy and expertise." 
Edison Fernandez
UAE Exchange Centre, Dubai, U.A.E. 
"Allah shows us signs and miracles in various ways and through different people who we come across in our lives. I admit that I've already started seeing results and positive changes in my life. After going through the Hypno-Coaching and Hypno-Therapy sessions with M.R. Hussain, I'm a more positive and motivated person now. I have clearer objectives and I'm more aware of what I want from life and how to achieve what I want. I enjoy healthier relationships with my fanily, myself and most importantly, my creator. I can see positive trends in my career and sure that very soon I'll be enjoying my dream job. Thank you Hussain for your time and help and may Allah reward you for this noble job that you and Safiya are doing to help people. May Allah bless you both :) Thanks a million!"
Mona Alhebsi (UAE National)
Zayed University, Dubai, U.A.E. 
"The overall experience was very deep, powerful and done artfully and with mastery. Hussain's dedication and heart filled approach, warmth and patience was there all the way through, along with the assurance. I was skeptical at times and challenging at many others. May God bless all your good efforts and deeds. I will definitely refer other people to you to get the same excellent service that is a "very human act" to be done and carried out in the form of a job and a career. I started to witness shift in perspectives, change in feelings and transformation in behaviour in such a short period of time. My subconscious mind is doing wonders in my life now! Thank a million and all the very best."
R.J. (UAE National)
Life-Coach / Licensed NLP Practitioner, Dubai 
"I was going through tremendous stress at work in addition to long daily trips, (to Abu Dhabi from Dubai); all my fears from the past just attacked my heart to the extent that it affected me daily; my friend who is a life coach as well, recommended to start healing myself with hypnotherapy. We needed a practitioner who is well experienced, patient and sympathetic. We came across M.R. Hussain from Orators Forum  Institute ( Knowledge Village, Dubai), who proved to be extremely sympathetic and patient, with a high level of integrity.
After a long session of assessment and discussions, Hussain decided that I needed 8 sessions of Hypnotherapy (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). I was really very skeptical about the whole process since my information about hypnotherapy comes from the movies only.
I was extremely surprised and happy to start seeing results and getting the answers from the 3rd session. Now I have finished all 8 sessions during which Hussain was extremely patient with me; his tireless efforts to make the healing happen are undeniable and I think it contributed a lot to my healing journey.
I can recommend OFI's CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), to every person who is serious about his/her personal healing and growth. I am very happy and grateful about the great results, I was lucky to have a great Hypno-coach and a very dedicated Hypnotherapy Practitioner to help me reach the inner peace.
Thanks a million."
Consultant, Dubai, U.A.E. 
"I am a transformed person now thanks to your sessions (hypno-coaching and hypnotherapy), John Gray's books which you recommended, a litttle bit of effort from my side, and of course God's love. I now iunderstand that before the sessions my heart was closed and my soul was screaming for help. Thanl Gog I heard its quaint voice. Now I feel absoulurely wonderful! It really feels like miracle.
I have quit smoking, I communicate much better with my son, and most amazingly, I love going to work! Whenever I face challenges at work , instead rolling my eyes and getting irritated, I get amused and start working with a light heart. Sometimes I will visualize myself easily going through the task and it really works. 
I am on a cleansing diet,  eating only the good food which will get me to the perfect body I want.
Thank you so much for your help. You made me laugh, and you made me cry. You woke up my heart from deep sleep by releasing emotions which were tucked inside for long. I got high quality professional help for a very good bargain of a price.
Financial Investment Organization, Dubai
"It is really amazing...I am getting healthy sleep now and have better control on my negative thoughts...hope I will be permanently released from the 'habit' by Friday...I really wanted it...thanks a lot"
A. K.
Insurance Company, Dubai, UAE

"Great thanks to you. I believe I have overcome height phobia.. comfortably crossed the fly-over twice, without a bit of fear...thank a lot...'Feel like Key is with me now'...Also grateful for introducing the book 'The Secret' which has already started changing my life immensely...Now confident of transforming to be a great speaker with your support. Thanks to Ms. Safiya too...God Bless you"

Dubai, UAE

"At first I was unable to communicate effectivefly, had low confidence and lots of stress in my life. After the "NLP Business Practitioner" programme, which included personal 1:1 Hypno-Coaching and Hypno-Therapy sessions, I now feel that I am able to implement a lot of these powerful tools and techniques in my personal and professional life. I am also more creative with lots of ideas for my business. I have also now learnt to talk with much more confidence and communicate more effectively. Before I was not able to get the right response which I desired when I communicated with people. Now using the "New Psychology of Building Rapport with People" where I mastered the state-of-the-art NLP techniques, I get my desired response from other people all the time!"

Businessman, UAE 

"By the way, for the first time in my entire life I see mom encouraging me in my dream. Hypnotherapy seems real -:) I think what is mentally exhausting to me is the attempt to live using my conscious mind. Now I believe that I live my life using my subconscious mind more than using my conscious mind. The original amount of fear and its root was so strong that I think we need to capture it and tackle it to its core."

Government Corporation, Abu Dhabi, UAE
"I have been looking for some way to calm down and relieve some of the stress in my life. The hypnotherapy sessions not only helped me remove all the negativity; I'm using it every day to connect with the subconscious mind and maintain the perfect balance. The Daily Positive Affirmations is my favourite - I find it very beneficial and effective. Using it at the right time actiually gives me peace and confidence throughout the day.
The Positive Mental Attitude and the Hypno Public Speaking "hypno-coaching workshops" are life-time beneficial workshops and definitely more that value for money.
Orators' Forum is indeed a one-stop shop for transforming all negative vibes and looking at life from a positive lens.
Thanks to Hussain and Safiya for being such strong icons."
Sara Sohaili
Al Futtaim Group, Dubai, UAE
"WhenI first came to the Orators' Forum Institute, I had a lot of fear and nervousness. I was not able to make up my mind on what I was doing is right or wrong. I had a few inhibitions, fear and anger that I had succumbed to. After the Hypno-Coaching and Hypno-Therapy sessions, now I am able to stand on my own. I feel much lighter and happier inside me. I look at life in a positive manner. I am able to make my surroundings more positive as I say my Daily Positive Affirmations everyday. I have the inner belief that I am capable of doing much more than my abilities. I am now a free person."
Junious Pinto
Student-MGU, Dubai, UAE 
"Easy information buildup. You won't find yourself lost while receiving information conveyed. Mr. Hussain made sure that the participants continuously relate the discussion subject/points either to previous experiences the participant had, or through telling a story, with 2 or more contrasts, through which the participant can relate and understand what he is presenting. Very good and healthy venue to meet new people, interact with them, teach them and learn from them."
Mohamed Elkhouly
DU, Dubai, UAE
"Individuals with a gloomy, negative past or low self-confidence must join. It could create wonders."
Private Organization, Dubai, UAE
"Excellent, Energetic and Astounding experience"
Sreekumar Shanmughan
Emirates Group, Dubai, UAE
"If the basic BOOT CAMP course was really WOW for me, I wonder what the ADVANCED COURSE would be like for me. I can't wait to go for more and more."
Rony Hobeika
TAHG, Dubai, UAE
"I enjoyed it a lot. For sure I took some valuable information to be used in my personal and professional life."
TAHG, Dubai, UAE  
"Great punch of energy from Safiya and a great delivery from Hussain brought in a wonderful result."
Lila Mechrouh
Government Sector, Abu Dhabi, UAE




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