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NLP for Fitness & Wellbeing
The New Psychology of Fitness & Wellbeing
HEALTH - Make it come to you!
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Safiya Hussain

I am Safiya K. Hussain, a Hypno-Life Coach, a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, a Certified Advanced Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapist, Certified in Complementary Medical Hypnotism, and a brand ambassador for Fitness First in Dubai. My day begins in a very enthusiastic and very empowering way at the Fitness First, Uptown Mirdif Mixed Gym. I workout there mainly to gain stamina, power, positive energy and contagious enthusiasm.

July 2009 to Jan 2010: I worked out on my own and lost 10 Kg and my weight dropped from70 Kg to 60 Kg. My body looked fantastic. On Jan 3rd, 2010 (my birthday) I underwent a Laproscopic Hysterectomy in Dubai. So I had to freeze my Gym membership for 2 months, as my doctors had advised me to take rest for 3 months. I had a speedy recovery and was determined to get well faster. However, I went crazy and could not live without visiting the Gym, at least once a day, after the surgery. My legs started aching so much that I started my workout in the Gym by the 3rd month after the surgery.

Being a victim of childhood sexual abuse, I had suffered with vertigo, claustrophobia, fibro-adenoma (lumps and cysts in the breasts), IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Endometriosis, Endrometrial hyperplasia, Fibroids in the uterus, PMS and menstrual cramps with heavy bleeding. I was also a victim of "black magic" from my childhood. Against all odds,  I overcame all my limited beliefs, mental blocks and diseases.I managed to pile on 6 more Kgs from 61 Kg to 67 Kg all over again, even though I was working out regularly at the gym. My body looked nice and toned. However I looked "pregnant" with a bulging tummy. I promised myself that I would reduce my weight to 54 Kg. Later on it dawned on me that I needed a Personal Trainer to help me to loose weight and get back into shape. That is when I selected the right person to be my Personal Trainer. I was very choosy and made sure that I taught him a little bit of my specialities of NLP and Hypnosis, so that he would be on the same wavelength, when communicating with me. I started my personal training sessions with him on 10th October, 2010.

I believe that it is a Mind-Body-Soul-Spirit healing. I had to let go the emotional clutter, that I was carrying in my subconscious mind. I was able to achieve my fitness goal more quickly with a combination of good nutrition, a few hypnotherapy sessions, discipline, commitment and personal training, combined with NLP, Hypnosis and the power of positive and creative visualization. My friends at the gym complimented me when they saw the change. I have renewed my personal training sessions with my Personal Trainer and will continue with my personal training on a life-long basis.

I found my Personal Trainer to be sweet, firm, flexible and very understanding. Discipline, cooperation, commitment, determination, persistence and perseverance are required to achieve your fitness goal. On 20th Jan 2011, I weighed 57 Kg. (i.e. 10 Kg weight loss). This is a mind-blowing change. I feel young and energetic like a 7-year old child. Once again my inner-child is blossoming with joy and happiness, radiating contagious enthusiasm and positive energy.

Thank you and may God bless you - all who helped me on my journey of success.

Update on 11th August 2011: 
Although one part of you wants to change, there is another part of you which resists that change. We as human beings do not like to come out of our comfort zone. We want a positive result, yet we focus our minds on the negativity. It is obvious then that our results will also be negative. This happens when we focus too much on the "do not want" kind of stuff rather than "what we do want". The bottom-line of the story is "when you focus more precisly and more passionately on what we want, it is so obvious that we will definitely attain positive results.
Today I weigh 55 Kg. My goal is to be 54 Kg soon. While going through my weight reduction programme, I have managed to achieve more stamina, more power, more positive energy and more contagious enthusiasm. In the gym, initially I had anxiety and the fear of entering a group exercise class. To tackle that I went through a few sessions of hypnotherapy with my personal hypnotherapist, M.R. Hussain. I had so many emotional problems, due to my self-limiting beliefs arising from my childhood sexual abuse, being bullied in school and treated unfairly by teachers. Now I focussed more on the type of body I wanted: Healthy, disease-free, flat tummy, narrow waistline. And guess what? That is exactly what I attracted. I pushed Hussain to give me priority with the hypnotherapy sessions, to move faster. He did a fantastic job helping me to find the root cause of all my self-limitng beleifs, which were holding me back. He put his heart, his mind, his soul and worked so dedicately to help me, with my weight management and also "heal" my life.
The last hypnotherapy session I had was just awesome. He pumped me with so much of positivity in the form of Positive Affirmations, changing my perspective of my past from negative to positive. Then the next time I walked into the gym, I was all psyched up, so positive, daring, bold, brave enough to enter the group exercise class at my gym. Also to run on the treadmill without any discomfort at all.
The best part of reducing weight is I get to wear brand new, sexy clothes which fit me "super". I went down from size 18 to size 8 from October 2010 to July 2011. I eat only healthy food and I eat sensibly. I do workout regularly at my gym (Fitness First) in Uptown Mirdif, Dubai.
I had promised myself good health and I remember to stay focussed with my discipline and commitment. Obviously my dear friends, just imagine, if and only if, I could achieve those positive results of reaching my weight so dramatically, I know for sure, you too can do it.
Remember, being good is not good enough, when better is possible!




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