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Hypno Fertility and Hypno Birthing

An alternative approach to fertility and birthing.

If you have been suffering from unexplained infertility, there is a safe, non-invasive, holistic treatment you should know about. Treating infertility through complementary therapies is gaining popularity.

Infertility is a problem that can cause great anxiety and stress in the concerned couple, which in turn has the added effect of making matters worse. In most cases, a medical reason is diagnosed for why pregnancy does not occur. However, there are many couples who have tested completely clear of all medical reasons which could obstruct pregnancy and yet cannot have a baby. This state is called ‘unexplained infertility’.

The causes of unexplained infertility are many but the most common among them is stress or fear, particularly if there have been previous miscarriages or stillborns, Another reason could be friction between the couple about whether to have a child or not. In professional women, it is quite common to find a deep-rooted fear of losing their independence or identity. And some are terrified of the process of pregnancy and birthing.

Diet can also play an important part. A woman being severely underweight or overweight can affect chances or conception. Lifestyle issues have to be addressed too since it is a well-known fact that smoking, alcohol and coffee can influence success of conception. Also, supplements such as folic acid may need to be taken.

Negative thought patterns do also interfere with fertility. Women over 35 are often told they are ‘high risk’, which imprints a pessimistic outcome on their mind from the outset.

All of the above can cause stress for the couple. This may also be compounded by family members asking the same question each month: “Aren’t you pregnant yet?” This creates huge amounts of tension in the woman and the effects of this are evident. It is common to find that when a couple decides to stop ‘trying’ to have a child, pregnancy occurs soon after.

It has been well documented that there is a direct relationship between stress and infertility. The success rate of high-tech infertility treatment like IVF can adversely be affected by stress.


Affected couples undergo various medical treatments in order to have a baby. Apart from the many conventional ones that are quite common, some not-so-conventional treatments are also undertaken.

Hypnofertility therapy is one such approach that focuses on maximising the chances of a successful conception. It involves sessions  during which issues that may hinder pregnancy are explored, The treatment is safe and non-invasive and no medical equipment or drugs are used at any stage. Instead, a holistic approach is taken, A study of 185 women found that 28 per cent of the women who were hypnotised became pregnant, compared to 14 per cent who did not.

Hypnofertility sessions are highly individual and address the needs of the couple on a very personal level. Many couples use the programme in conjunction with medical treatment to increase their chances of success. The programme instils in a couple a confident feeling of a positive outcome.

The hypnofertility therapist will identify any subconscious blocks that may be preventing conception and will then work with the client to release these blocks. This should increase and optimise success of conception. Relaxation and visualisation techniques are taught. Nutrition and lifestyle issues are also addressed.


Hypnobirthing is a concept founded by Marie Morgan who used the techniques for the birth of her own children. It is a complete childbirth education programme and goes far beyond just pain relief. The work is based on research by British obstretrician Dr. Grantly Dick-Read (author of Childbirth Without Fear).

This programme teaches the mother to understand and work through the fear-tension-pain syndrome, which is one of the most common reasons for painful childbirth. Women today are conditioned to believe that childbirth is going to be very painful, This causes them to feel fearful, which in tuen causes tension  in the body.

All muscles become taught, tight and contracted. Not an ideal environment to breathe a baby into the world. This tension, therefore, causes pain within the body which then leads to more fear. There are many factors that can affect delivery and medical interventions are sometimes necessary. However, Hypnobirthing mothers find that these classes helped them deal with these special circumstances.

There are numerous benefits of Hypnobirthing, the most common of them being less fatigue during labour. The results of these sessions are shorter and easier deliveries and reduced need for anaesthesia, episiotomies and other medical interventions. Apart from this, the newborn is happier and better0-adjusted with good sleeping and eating patterns.

The mother and birthing partner are expected to attend the sessions together. During the sessions, self-hypnosis, relaxation and visualization techniques are taught apart from releasing any fears you may have about childbirth. Also taught are techniques to release ‘feel good’ endorphins, stay relaxed and in control upto the time of delivery.

Hypnobirthing sessions could be started at any point during pregnancy and mostly mothers begin at between 25 to 30 weeks.




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