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Saturday, December 12, 2015
4 pm to 7 pm
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          The Secret Language of Feelings Workshop

The Secret Language of Feelings, by Calvin Banyan

The Secret Language of Feelings, by Calvin Banyan

Have you ever wondered why people do the things they do? Or what causes people to feel a certain way?

In this workshop, we uncover The Secret Language of Feelings, based on the very popular and highly rated book by Cal Banyan.

Many people ignore their feelings and try to distract themselves from painful feelings like feeling unloved, inadequate, lonely, or bored by eating, 

drinking, smoking, or a variety of other distracting behaviors. Some distracting behaviors are healthy, but when they keep us from leading a happy and successful life, it’s common to feel stuck and out of control.

It’s possible to regain control – and in the process learn more about yourself. It starts by understanding the what’s at the root of our behavior – our feelings, perceptions, and thoughts.

                          You will walk out of this class with a better understanding of yourself and the human condition, a great book, and a new way to lead your life that will leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled like never before.

              Discover your inner Secret Language of Feelings


                       Emotions are an integral part of the mainstream of life, yet they seem so often misunderstood. In The Secret Language of Feelings, Cal Banyan brilliantly lays out a simple rational approach to understanding your emotions and how to respond to them in a way which enhances your life! Unfortunately most people don’t understand how to respond to their emotions, so they distract from them. This however only leads down a path of frustration and eventual depression. Discovering your inner Secret Language of Feelings in this interactive workshop will help you easily learn Cal’s simple model of emotion and get hands-on experience integrating his approach into your daily life. This workshop will give you a new outlook upon life, enhance your self-understanding, and you will walk away from this experience with Cal’s amazing tools and techniques in your hand!

                       Understand how your emotions affect your health

                        In this workshop you have an opportunity to not only understand how your emotions affect your health and your ability to live a happy, deep, empowered life but how you can work to release, limiting, heavy, traumatic feelings. Discover what it is like to experience more ease, flow, opportunity, flexibility, range of feeling and clarity in your life. Purify yourself and give birth to a new, more peaceful, and happy, balanced you.

                        During this workshop you will learn to:

                        o    Understanding and Healing Emotions Which Cause Disease
                        o    Release hurt and resentment from your cellular memories
                        o    Discover the power of deep forgiveness and the healing it can create
                        o    Free yourself from fear and anxiety
                        o    Move out of a state of stuckness and limitation
                        o    Bring more flow, flexibility and synchronicity into your life
                        o    Discover how guilt can keep you trapped for years and degenerate your body.
                        o    Break free from your own and your family’s guilt
                        o    Dissolve rejection which can block you from pursuing your dreams and regain your confidence
                        o    Let go of confusion and welcome clarity into your life
                        o    Release Traumatic memories and heal sadness, grief and loss
                        o    Free yourself of the destructive powers of criticism
                        o    Move out of paralyzing fear into creativity, enthusiasm and positive action
                        o    Transform anger into passion and allow it to help you to make the change you need
                        o    Awaken to the depth, softness, sweetness, sacredness, strength and divinity of who you really are





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