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Saturday, December 12, 2015
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NLP & CBT (Neuro Linguistic Programming & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) 
with a Therapist certified in CAT (Complementary & Alternative Therapy)

Incorporate a healthy lifestyle  easily, naturally and comfortably, 
when you learn the powerful tools and techniques of NLP & CBT, 
which will keep you self-motivated, disciplined and commited to be Diabetes-Free.

The individual's life with diabetes is improved, mental state is improved, and diabetes management skills are learned. Best of all, the level of depression is reduced so the individual can lead a normal, happy life. 

If you are among the millions suffering from diabetes, a reputable NLP & CBT therapist can make a remarkable difference in your life, to include a reduction in long-term blood sugar levels.

As more studies have been conducted, medical professionals now understand that diabetes brings with it the hidden risk of depression. In fact, diabetes can increase the odds of a person developing depression by 50%! Obviously, with depression comes a distancing of relationships, difficulty in the workplace or in school, and an overall sense of doom and defeat. Considering that 35% of all diabetics have significant depression and 11% have major depression, it is easy to understand why therapy with NLP & CBT can be so beneficial.

Unfortunately, one of the first treatment options recommended by most doctors is prescribed drugs. Now keep in mind that there are certainly cases when drugs are necessary. However, diabetics have alternatives to chemicals and toxins in the form of NLP & CBT. If they want help and believe in NLP & CBT, it will work. If at any time that individual feels the NLP & CBT does not suffice in the treatment of depression, then he or she can always consult with a medical doctor but NLP & CBT has helped many people so it is worth trying.

Okay, you might be asking why NLP & CBT is so successful in treating diabetes and the manifestation of depression. The bottom line is that one of the contributing factors of depression is the person's physiological state. In fact, studies show that high blood sugar levels cause biochemical changes within the brain that can lead to depression. Therefore, when these changes occur, they need to be addressed. Sadly, doctors are still missing the depression aspect of diabetes, treating only the obvious. The good news is that today, some medical doctors are beginning to incorporate NLP & CBT into their normal practice. With that, you have the best of both worlds, being treated with NLP & CBT for the diabetes' depression and being treated with prescription drugs, if necessary.

If you live with depression resulting from diabetes remember that ignoring the problem only puts you at greater risk for further and/or additional problems. Even children can experience bouts of depression brought on by depression and they too can benefit from NLP & CBT. As you can imagine, depression can be devastating not just to you, but to your family and friends, people who love you but have to sit back and watch as you struggle. Untreated depression is dangerous but it can be improved with NLP & CBT. The main problem with traditional treatment for diabetes is that it does not address the underlying cause. In addition, no chemical management to include insulin can stop diabetes from developing. In other words, diabetes is often brought on by unhealthy lifestyle such as weight gain. Using NLP & CBT to control weight gain means the diabetes may not develop in the first place. Therefore, while NLP & CBT can be beneficial for treating diabetes once it has already become a problem, it can also be used to prevent it, something medication cannot do.

This means using NLP & CBT for diabetes is a win-win-situation. In addition to depression, diabetes can also bring about other problems such as fatigue, mood swings, and so on. Again, NLP & CBT performed by a reputable Complementary & Alternative Therapist can bring those things under control. With the power of suggestion to the subconscious mind, the behaviors and consequences of those behaviors can be changed. Instead of just dealing with change of cognitive function when living with diabetes to include severe depression, you might consider hypnosis because it works.

With hypnosis, you are basically, being unconsciously reminded to think and therefore feel several times during the day to change the way you live. Going back to the weight issue, hypnosis can be a continual reminder not to overeat or eat the wrong foods. With this, you adopt a healthy lifestyle so excess weight is not a problem. The result is reduced risk of developing diabetes, which could then be followed by depression. Now is the time to take charge of your life. If you are already overweight, have diabetes, and suffer from depression, or if you are concerned of developing diabetes, hypnosis can make a significant difference in your life.

The Hypno-Beat Diabetes (Type-2) Process

The Hypno-Beat Diabetes Process will include three sessions of up to one hour each session.

Session 1

We will spend time taking a detailed case history of you and your eating habits, and investigating if there are any emotional reasons why you have developed diabetes (Type-2) and if there are any blockages to you overcoming diabetes. We will discuss in some detail the changes in your life style and the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the diet we wish you to follow, and a program for exercising.

We will explain how hypnotherapy works, (and the myths of hypnosis), and exactly what we will be doing in the first hypnosis session. We will then induce hypnosis and give you suggestions in the hypnotic state at a deep level that will encourage you to start the program of change and transformation.

You will be given a MP3 recording of  "Self Hypnosis" that you need to listen regularly until our next session.

Session 2

In this session you are taken through the first set of phases of the Advanced 5 PATH (Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy) to "revivify (or relive in mental experience)" the past events which are linked to your negative emotions related to your diabetes. Then we start the process of "desensitizing" the root causes, so that these past negative memories in the subconscious mind do not cause "triggers" in your life, in the present or in the future.

Session 3

This session is a follow up to the previous session, where we take you through the remaining phases of the Advanced 5 PATH (Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy), to eliminate any "secondary gain" issues, which could be preventing you from achieving 100% success in your transformation. The session ends with further reinforcement and suggestions to you obtaining the optimum health, free of diabetes and living a healthy lifestyle, from now on and into the future.




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